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The best pizzerias in Rome

What do you want a spree tourist? Right, eat! What to eat in Rome? Right, pizza! Skillful cooks turn a piece of dough with something up there into a true poem.

Tender and elastic dough infused for three days, pizza baked in a wood oven. The rejection of this method of baking was once one of the conditions for Italy to be admitted to the European Union.

Italy neglected this condition. But the taste of national dishes is not neglected here. On this occasion, I can only say one thing - Buon appetito! It is especially nice when in good weather you can take a table on the street or an open veranda (I do so).

From morning to evening, no pizzeria in Rome, of course, works, most often open closer to lunch, or even to dinner.

Want to learn how to make real Italian pizza? We recommend hosting a master class in a real Roman pizzeria with a guide with Vladislav Doro.

The interior in most cases is quite modest, because the main thing in a pizzeria is the enjoyment of a good pizza, and the rest for Italians is secondary. So, get ready to drool - each of these ten Roman pizzerias is worthy of your stomachs. The rating is relevant and updated at the end of May 2019:

  1. Pizzeria dar poeta

    Pizzeria número uno in Rome for me and my friends, of course, in my favorite area of ​​Trastevere. Pleasant atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious pizza - here it is, the right recipe for a perfect evening! Gourmets will appreciate the local pizza with seafood, and children will certainly enjoy the fruit. Great selection of salads, snacks and drinks. Arriving early, in the evening there is always a queue. It is also possible to order takeaway pizza and enjoy it, for example, on the steps of Piazza Trilussa - we usually take drinks in a nearby mini supermarket from Bangladeshis. The cost of pizza is very affordable - from 5 to 9.5 euros.
    Address: Vicolo del bologna 45, Trastevere.
    Official site of the pizzeria:
    I advise you to visit the author's excursion DIVING IN TRASTEVER

  2. Panattoni "L'Obitorio" aka Ai Marmi

    Real name - Panattoni Ai Marmi, the nickname L'Obitorio (morgue) stuck to the pizzeria from behind tables with marble countertops without tablecloths. This morgue is very unusual, it offers guests many types of wonderful Roman pizza and delicious fried rice balls with mozzarella. The cult institution has been open since 1931! It works from 18:30 I advise you to come up 10 minutes before the opening, since by 19:00 there will be a turn.
    Address: Viale di Trastevere, 53

  3. Pizzeria la montecarlo
    Great place for a family dinner or friendly gatherings. No wifi here, no phones allowed, it remains only to communicate with each other. Numerous visitors do this for a portion of delicious pizza or pasta, which is more to their liking.
    Address: Vicolo Savelli, 13, next to Piazza Navona.
    Official site of the pizzeria:

    To introduce this unusual pizzeria, I will simply quote the words of my colleague Irina: “Romans, a new super-chip for tourists has appeared! Pizza cone! The Italian family came up with a typewriter and makes incredible pizzas, and not just in a horn like ice cream. All my tourists really like it! Children squeak with delight! They also have all sorts of centrifughe from vegetables and fruits. Uncle Mimmo, a miracle man! And they just opened, no one knows about them, no matter how I go, they’re empty all the time, it’s a shame! ”
    Address: Via del Pellegrino, 15. Not far from the Ponte Sisto bridge and Campo dei Fiori square.
    I insist that all readers of our site must visit Uncle Mimmo, try non-standard pizza and say hello from ITALY FOR ME - Ciao da italy for me. Do not forget to share your impressions in the comments later.
  5. Pizzeria da ivo

    A fine restaurant with a pleasant atmosphere and the highest level of service. It is very popular, a table needs to be booked in advance. The cuisine is magnificent, a real gourmet feast: various cheeses and smoked meats, trout, potato croquettes, salads and many types of pizza. Stuffings from simple to the most expensive, such as Stilton cheese. So far no one has complained, and I highly recommend it.
    Address: Via di San Francesco a Ripa 158, Trastevere.

  6. Pizza ré

    Dishes prepared with the freshest products according to the oldest recipes - this is the chip of this institution. Crispy flavored pizza, huge portions of various types of pasta and salads from seasonal vegetables will not leave visitors indifferent.
    Address: Via di Ripetta 14.
    Official site of the pizzeria:
  7. La pizzeria est est est da ricci

    Located in the family house of Ricci in 1905. Refined interior and menu that can satisfy the tastes of the most sophisticated lover of Italian cuisine. On Mondays, the pizzeria is closed.
    Address: Via Genova 32.

  8. Formula 1
    The interior of the pizzeria will delight fans of auto racing. There are almost no tourists here, but the people are full, as the place is popular with the Romans. No frills, fast, tasty and inexpensive. A convenient option if you want to have a bite before a country excursion - Termini Station is nearby. The cost of pizza is from 5 to 7.5 euros. The pizzeria is open until 0:30 at night, Sunday is a day off.
    Address: Via degli Equi 13, Termini.
  9. Acchiappafantasmi

    The name of the restaurant translates as Ghostbusters. The interior is designed in retro style, the institution itself is almost homely. The staff is friendly, they will always help you choose a dish in accordance with your tastes. And there is plenty to choose from! In addition to pizza, there are many types of pasta, appetizers, first courses and desserts, and many hot sauces. The local pizza is baked in the form of ghosts, which looks extremely funny.
    Address: Via dei Cappellari 66, near the Spanish Steps.

  10. Gaudi

    You can enjoy the masterpieces of Neapolitan cuisine in the restaurant Gaudi. Here you can find both traditional options like Napoletana or Margherita, as well as pizza with delicious fillings, fruit ones are also available. Do not ignore snacks, especially bruschetta. One of its names on the menu - Zero Kilometer (Kilometro Zero), sounds interesting, but tastes even better! If you want something simple and familiar, you can order La Russa pizza stuffed with sausages, mayonnaise and seasonal vegetables.
    Address: Via Ruggero Giovannelli 8/12, near the Borghese Gallery (Galleria di Borghese).
    Official site of the pizzeria:
  11. Pizzeria da baffetto

    The institution is famous for its amazingly delicious pizza, as well as huge queues of people who want to try it. For whom the soul asks for the highest level of European service, that is clearly not the case. But if the stomach is hungry for good tasty food, then you came to the address. For 20-25 euros you can enjoy a large pizza, which serves a glass of beer. It is difficult to single out one thing, but regulars consider the local Margarita to be the champion. There are two Da Baffetto pizzerias in Rome, the first is located near piazza Navona at Via del Governo Vecchio, 114, the second at piazza del Teatro Pompeo, 18.
    Official site of pizzerias:

Watch the video: The Pizza Show: Rome (December 2019).


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