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How to get from Bologna airport to the city center?

Bologna International Airport (Aeroporto Guglielmo Marconi di Bologna, code BLQ) is named after the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, 1909 Nobel Prize in Physics. The airport is located 9 kilometers from the city center, which can be reached for 6 euros and 8 minutes by special bus (Aerobus BLQ).

According to the schedule, the bus runs every 11 minutes from 5:30 a.m. to 0:15 a.m.

The ticket can be booked in advance online on the official website of the carrier, or already upon arrival at the machine at the bus stop. The bus looks like this:

On the way from the airport to Bologna Central Station (Bologna Centrale), the shuttle bus makes three stops:

  1. Pontelungo
  2. Ospedale maggiore
  3. Mille (city center)

From Bologna Central Station, you can take direct high-speed trains to the most popular cities in Italy: Florence (Firenze), Rome (Roma), Milan (Milano), Naples (Napoli), Venice (Venezia), Rimini (Rimini), Turin (Torino) .

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Getting a taxi from the airport to the city center will cost from 15 to 20 euros. The official parking lot is located directly at the exit of the Terminal.

The official taxi fares in Bologna in PDF format can be downloaded before the trip.


It makes sense to order a transfer at, for example, if you want to go directly from the airport to Florence or other cities in Italy. The cost of the transfer, depending on the class of car, will be from 185 to 194 euros.

A trip to the hotel in the center of Bologna will cost 44-50 euros.

Online scoreboard

Using the online scoreboard you can track the current schedule of departures and arrivals at the airport of Guillermo Marconi:

Official website of the airport: - ​​available in Italian and English.

Hotel nearby

The hotel closest to the airport is called FlyOn, 4 stars, the cost of a double room is 90 euros - This is a great option for one night if you have an early departure or a late arrival. Breakfast is offered for an extra charge of 10 euros.

The hotel has free parking, and they do not charge money for transfers to the airport. I advise this accommodation option to all friends and readers of our site.

Direct flights

Bologna Airport mainly accepts European flights. With the low-cost airline, you can fly very cheaply, for example, to Sicily (Sicily) to Catania, Trapani, Palermo, Sardinia (Sardegna) to Cagliari and dozens more destinations outside of Italy.

From Moscow

From Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport (SVO) 2 times a day direct flights are operated by

Flight time 3 hours 40 minutes, ticket prices start at 150 euros. The most convenient flight is with departure at 07:40 and arrival at Bologna airport at 10:30 in the morning.

It is convenient to fly back from Bologna at 11:20, in Moscow you will be at 15:45 local time.

Be sure to consider the time difference with Italy.

From Chisinau flies from Chisinau to Bologna on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The cost of a one-way ticket - from 65 to 120 euros, depends on the specific date - the sooner you buy, the cheaper. Departure from Chisinau Airport (KIV) at 09:55, arrival in Bologna at 11:20 in the morning, very convenient.

The plane flies back to Chisinau at 11:50 a.m.

Airport map

Bologna Airport has only 24 gates and one terminal, it is very easy to navigate inside. The link you can download a detailed map-scheme in PDF format.

The pick-up point is located on the right side, relative to the main entrance.

Rent a Car

Immediately upon arrival, at the exit from the terminal, you can pick up the keys to a pre-booked car and immediately go on a trip to Italy - it is much cheaper and more reliable than renting out on the spot.
For example, the cost of a small car such as a Hyundai i10 or Opel Corsa will cost only 265 euros for 10 days.

A larger car Alfa Romeo Giulietta or Fiat 500X will cost about 35 euros / day. You can read about the features of driving on Italian roads and find the right car rental option in the special section

If you have questions or need advice on logistics from the airport, I will be happy to answer your questions in the comments.

Watch the video: Bologna Airport to City Centre - Bus Shuttle Transfer to Stazione Centrale, Central Station (December 2019).


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