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Roberto Cavalli - Italian Designer

Roberto Cavalli is a fashionable Italian designer, artist, restaurateur, owner of his own brand.


Roberto Cavalli was born November 15, 1940 in sunny Florence (Firenze) in a family of Italian aristocrats.


The boy’s father, Giorgio Cavalli, worked as a mining engineer, and his mother, Marcella, Cavalli, sewed clothes. Grandfather, mother’s father, the famous artist Giuseppe Rossi, he painted paintings in the style of Impressionism and was a member of the Macchiaioli group of artists. His paintings were exhibited at the Uffizi Gallery (Galleria degli Uffizi).

Having experienced a terrible tragedy in early childhood - the murder of his father by the Nazis - Roberto was silent for up to 10 years. Mother with her son and daughter Lietta moved to grandfather.

Marcella decided on a second marriage with the merchant Rolando Fratini (Rolando Fratini). But the chosen one was jealous, rude and often beat her, so that by the age of 13, Roberto lost his stepfather. Mother filed for divorce.

Manifestation of talent

The future famous designer did not perceive the school as something mandatory. He did not listen to teachers, skipped classes, constantly got bad grades. His mother was very upset, and his grandfather was never particularly interested in the successes of his grandson and did not pay any attention to him at all.

Once, out of boredom, Roberto took a pencil and out of boredom painted a portrait of Aunt Julianne, sitting opposite him. Grandfather, seeing this impulse, carefully examined the drawing, and then folded it and put it in his pocket. In 1951, Giuseppe died, leaving all his inheritance to his 11-year-old grandson. This meant that he recognized the talent of the boy.

But everything was nothing to the young crop. He was fascinated by bicycles, and later girls and discos. At 16, Roberto was expelled from school. Mother got angry at her son and told him to find work. Only then did the young man commit his first serious act, he went to study at the Florentine art school as a textile designer. After graduating, he never received a diploma, because he did not take the final exams, considering it unnecessary.

First embodied ideas

All that Roberto was fascinated at that time was the methods of dyeing the fabric. He experimented a lot with dyes, was full of ideas and the first to figure out how to dye a patch of skin.

Starting to work in the garage, the novice designer gradually acquired his own workshop and once came to the conclusion. You can not create new fabrics, but repaint the dull remnants of stale goods, putting colors on the sleeves, collars, back.

Having bought the remnants of unsold t-shirts, blouses and blouses at the factories, the inventive young man began to realize his idea. The buyers liked the idea so much that they swept away all the offered goods.

Roberto Cavalli's store gradually gained regular customers. The business grew and developed, hired workers, printing tables and new steaming technologies appeared in the workshop. Now the fabrics were not stained during washing.

Since that time, every day, step by step, Cavalli builds his future fashion empire. Hard work and dedication lead to the fact that the name of the designer becomes known throughout the world.


In 1960, Cavalli opened a small factory in Florence called “Stampa Kavalli”, where he was experimenting with prints on finished clothes.

In 1962, the first Roberto Cavalli store in Saint-Tropez began work. It turned out to be a strange boutique: sand on the floor, outfits scattered across the shelves, rock and roll at full volume and the smell of tobacco and hashish. There was no end to the visitors.

In 1972, the first collection of Robert Cavalli was shown in Paris in Port de Versailles. Clothing for women was sewn from leather, before this was not seen on the catwalks. Coats, dresses and jeans from the designer’s favorite material are becoming the most sold out in Europe and the United States.

In 1994, Roberto Cavalli's collection was replenished with sandblasted jeans. He came up with a lycra thread in jeans.

In 1998, the designer created two more lines: the youth Just Cavalli and Roberto Cavalli for men.

In 2010, Cavalli celebrates his fortieth anniversary in French high school. Many famous and wealthy people come to congratulate the designer.

Under the Cavalli brand are made: knitwear (Roberto Cavalli Class), outfits for girls (Angels) and for boys (Devils), street clothes (Freedom), sports line (Roberto Cavalli Gym.), Underwear, perfumes, bags, watches, wallpapers tiles and other things. Brand boutiques are located all over the world.

Brand difference

The hallmark of the brand are leather models. Roberto turned rough working material into soft, colorful and expensive. The designer offers his fans not only new models of clothing, but also a new technology for its production.

Laser drawings, bright prints, jewelry made of feathers of birds, rhinestones, fur - all this makes the masterpiece's masterpieces recognizable and unique. The extravagance, sexuality and glamor of Cavalli models are captivating by their proximity to nature, drawings copied from animal skins are present in all the designer’s collections.

Family and love affairs

The first wife of the designer was the blue-eyed brown-haired girl Silvanella Giannoni. She gave birth to his daughter Cristiana and son Tommy, becoming an exemplary homebrew, as it should be for an Italian wife.

Explosive and groovy Robert was tormented for a long time by the dissimilarity of characters, but divorce was only a matter of time. His first mistress was Gloria Vanderpump. But the girl left, leaving no coordinates, after several nights spent together.

After a divorce from his first wife, a passion for Brigitte Bardot flashed in his heart, however, and this beauty preferred him to another.
Hava Levi became another couturier's passion, they lived together for three years and the Israeli woman got pregnant from Cavalli, but decided to leave him and had an abortion.

In 1977, Roberto was conquered by 18-year-old Eva Maria Düringer, a participant in the Miss Universe contest. At that time, Cavalli was 40 years old. Realizing that this is love at first sight, the Italian offers the girl a hand and a heart. Eve gave the spouse three children: sons Danielle (Danielle), son Roberto (Robert) and daughter Rachel (Rachel). Then she began to do business, promoting the family trend. It was thanks to Eve that Roberto’s affairs went uphill.

Over time, relationships have moved to another level, Cavalli again wanted variety and found himself a young passion - Lina Nelson. They did not hesitate to pose for photographers when they went on a yacht for a joint walk. Eva saw the photos on the Internet and sent her husband an e-mail with a request to leave their house.

Interesting Facts

The famous Italian can not stand when he is called a fashion designer. He is an artist. The reason for this behavior lies in the fact that Cavalli does not accept homosexuality, and same-sex love accompanies most famous fashion designers.

Roberto considers the snake a symbol of good luck. Reptile leather trousers at the first show turned out to be a good solution and since then the image of snakes is found everywhere in the works of the designer: on perfume bottles, on shoes, on clothes, even Cavalli vodka is poured into snake-shaped containers.

A great friend of the Italian for a long time is the American actress Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) and her family. Roberto considers her not only a secular personality, but also an interesting, creative person.

Cavalli does not promote healthy eating and does not follow diets. He is a gourmet, he loves delicious, varied food, he especially adores Tuscan cuisine - Florentine beef steak (bistecca alla fiore).

Russian singer Philip Kirkorov for a long time claimed to be familiar with the designer and represent him in Russia. However, as a member of the jury at the Miss Europe competition in Kiev, Cavalli told reporters that he did not know “such a woman,” which made them laugh a lot.

After 30 years of living with Eve, Roberto began dating Lina Nelson, who is 48 years younger than the maestro. Their joint photos on the designer’s yacht spread all over the Internet.

Cavalli is not only a designer, but also a restaurateur. He owns the restaurants of Just Cavalli Cafe in Milan and Cavalli Club in Florence. They are also night clubs, cafes and bars at the same time. In addition, a lover of a beautiful life owns his own helicopter, a racehorse factory, three villas, a chocolate factory, and a yacht.

Spouse Cavalli - Australian Eva Dühringer - formerly recognized beauty and model. In 1977, she was awarded the titles of "Miss Australia" and "Vice-Miss Universe", reached the semi-finals of "Miss World". In 1978, she was given the Miss Europe crown.

Under the Cavalli brand, luxury vodka and wine are produced: Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Alicante Bouschet in the Cavalli Collection and Cavalli Selection ranges.

Among fans of the Cavalli brand: Natalia Vodianova, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell, Shakira, Anthony Hopkins, David Beckham and other celebrities.


  • "No matter how predictable it sounds, I am most inspired by women! A woman is the most important thing in life ... I fell in love, lost my head, went crazy. This is what allowed me to achieve such a feminine, expressive style of dress. I studied the female body in detail and I know all its features, and therefore I can subtly play on them. Play with fire".
  • "To go beyond the generally accepted framework - this is success, this is when you do something special, unusual, sexy - because women like to feel sexy - and I want to help them be that way."
  • "... I do not depart from my favorite prints, I use luxurious silks, natural fur, reptile skin. Everything that makes a woman look like a queen."
  • “It's not that I really liked the leopard print, I just like everything that has to do with nature. I realized that God is the greatest designer and just started copying it.”
  • “In order to keep a man, beauty is not enough. A woman should be soft and strong at the same time, always different, not to lose the ability to surprise, despite the number of years spent together. ”
  • “Avoid excesses. Too short skirt, exaggerated deep neckline are not the definition of sexuality. "A woman must carry a secret, leave room for imagination and at the same time not be afraid to experiment with fashion and style.”
  • “Fashion is part of my DNA — I cannot live without it. And I endlessly want to open up more and more new horizons! ”
  • «I hate lies, a tendency to exaggerate. I hate plastic surgery. Or rather, not her, but the lack of a sense of proportion when a woman resorts to her. It’s good when traces of time appear on the face. “Once in Florence, I was shocked by the beauty of the face of a very elderly woman and admitted it to her.”
  • "A birthday, like an anniversary in the profession, is just a sign of the approaching death. Therefore, I no longer celebrate either one or the other."

  • "I adore women. All women."

Watch the video: Roberto Cavalli Featured at Salone del Mobile Milano 2017 (December 2019).


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