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Taxi in Rome: tariffs, rules and useful nuances

The Roman official taxi is a white car with a rooftop identification light plate and a Comune di Roma sticker with a license number on the doors. Every second traveler is faced with a taxi in the Eternal City, and so we decided to devote a separate article to them, from which you will learn about tariffs, discounts and local features.

Official taxis are available for taxis throughout the city. Taxis are also easy to catch close to major historical sites (Colosseum, Roman Forum, Vatican environs, etc.). Since a special permit is required to enter the historic city center, there were practically no "bombs" in Rome. For the same reason, it is not customary to catch a taxi on the road with a wave of his hand.

How to find and call a taxi in Rome

If you did not find a taxi stand or there were no free cars on it, or if you order a taxi from home, you can use the Internet, download a special application, contact the call center or order a taxi using SMS message.

For taxi in Rome equipped with official parking

One of the largest services in Rome is Radio Taxi. Her number is +39 06 3570. Please note that when you call a taxi by phone, the meter turns on from the place where the car is poisoning to you. Therefore, it is normal that a taxi arrives with an already running meter.

It should be immediately said that without knowledge of the Italian language, ordering a taxi will not be easy. The same applies to drivers, among whom it is rare to meet those who speak English and, moreover, Russian.

A special permit is required to enter the historic city center.

If there is no mobile phone with you, you can ask to call a taxi for you in a hotel or restaurant. As a rule, staff are sympathetic to such requests.

Tariffs and rules

In Rome, the rule applies: in a taxi stand, you must contact the first taxi driver in line, and not to the one who liked you or offers his services himself.

Each official taxi rank has a sign with a detailed description of the current tariffs. The fixed price for “landing” is 3.25 € during the day (from 06:00 to 22:00), 4.5 € on Sundays and public holidays, 6.5 € at night (from 06:00 to 22:00). Waiting for an hour is estimated at 30 €.

The meter in the taxi turns on from the place where the car is poisoning you

Rates per kilometer start from 1.10 € per 1 km, but increase when traveling long distances (starting from 11 €, the tariff switches to 1.30 € per 1 km). The maximum tariff is 1,60 € per 1 km. If a taxi driver is forced to move at a speed of less than 20 km / h, payment is made at a special rate of 27 € per hour.

Nightly rates are more expensive than daily rates by an average of 30%. The fare will automatically double almost even when traveling outside the city: in this case, the city tariff (1) on the meter will be replaced by a suburban one (2).

Moreover, any trip inside the commune of Rome, including from the airport, should cost no more than 70 euros.

Tariffs in a Roman taxi do not depend on the number of passengers

Women who use a taxi at night receive a 10% discount, but this should be reminded to the driver. A 10% discount also applies to those who need a taxi to get to the hospital.

Taxi fares in Rome are independent of the number of passengers. Surcharge is made only from the 5th passenger (subject to the appropriate capacity of the car) and amounts to 1 €. The tariff also includes the possibility of free baggage allowance. For each additional baggage bag exceeding the dimensions of 50x25x35, an extra charge of € 1 is required.

Tipping is at the discretion of the passenger and may amount to 5-10% of the cost of the trip.

Airport Taxi

For trips from the airports of Fiumicino and Ciampino to the city center (inside the walls of Aurelian), uniform fares apply - 48 € and 30 €, respectively.

Unified fares apply for trips from airports to the city center

You can try to find the car at the exit from the terminal, call by phone or via the Internet. As a rule, official taxis adhere to a single tariff, but it happens that drivers "forget" about it, seeing a tourist in front of them.

In addition, if your hotel is outside the walls of Aurelian (and there are some nuances here, right up to the side of the street where the car can stop), the driver has the right to turn on the counter. Then the trip can be more expensive.

Taxis at the airport can be found at the exit of the terminal

When ordering a taxi by phone, it is better to do this about half an hour before the car arrives - then the company will manage to place an order on time and provide you with a free car. In this case, as we wrote above, it should be remembered that the tariff will be included before you get into the car.

Finally, the third possible option is to order a car via the Internet by the time the flight arrives. In this case, the trip will cost a couple of euros more than a single fare, but then you will be met in the arrivals area and delivered to the desired address "without surprises."

Taxi prices at Fiumicino airport

If the plane arrives late, it’s also fearless: the company will monitor the airport board on its own, and the car will arrive subject to changes in the schedule. You will not have to pay extra for downtime at the airport.

You can get acquainted with the current tariffs, find out the details of the service and order a car on this page.

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