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The best hotels of Venice 5 stars

Luxury hotels in Venice amaze not only with service and design, but also with the cost of rooms. Many of the palazzos that today occupy hotels once belonged to noble families or even the rulers of Venice. In such hotels, frescoes have often remained since the Renaissance, and Hollywood directors sometimes choose these exquisite interiors to surround their films. For those who are traveling to the city with a special occasion and want to achieve maximum effect, BlogoItaliano selected the 5 most notable 5 star hotels in the center in Venice.

Luna hotel baglioni

Luna Hotel Baglioni offers views of San Marco Harbor and San Giorgio Island from the comfort of a spacious and elegant room. The interior is no less impressive than the views that open from the terraces: the bathrooms here are decorated with marble, the chandeliers are woven from Murano glass, and the furniture recalls the rich historical past of the palace.

The Knights Templar stayed in this palace as early as the 12th century. Subsequently, the palazzo suffered several reconstructions, but even today, the interior of the building is decorated with original frescoes.

The hotel overlooks the bay of San Marco and the island of San Giorgio

Guests can enjoy a buffet breakfast in one of these lavish rooms, while lunch and dinner are served at the local Baglioni Cafe and Canova Restaurant, which serves traditional Venetian cuisine.

Luna Hotel boasts a good location: you need to walk just 80 meters to St. Mark's Square, and you can walk to other major attractions. A vaporetto stop is 50 meters away. The hotel also has its own jetty for boats and gondolas.

For detailed room descriptions and photos of Luna Hotel Baglioni, please click here.

The gritti palace

Not all 5-star Venice hotels boast such eminent guests. The guest book at The Gritti Palace includes the names of members of the British Royal Family, the Duke of Windsor, Princess of the Principality of Monaco, the Vatican ambassadors, and a number of European and Hollywood stars. Ernest Hemingway left an enthusiastic review about the palazzo, calling it the best among Venice hotels.

The Gritti Palace Hotel fits perfectly with Venetian scenography, towering above the Grand Canal 400 meters from St. Mark's Square. The palace was built in 1525 and was intended for the Doge Andrea Gritti.

The guestbook is full of names of kings, princes and Hollywood stars

The atmosphere of royal luxury reigns here today - stained glass windows, paintings of impressive sizes, handmade furniture. The highlight of the hotel is an elegant room with a bath in the middle of the bedroom - an original option for a romantic getaway.

Hotel guests can use the services of a beauty salon, spend the evening in the lounge bar or have breakfast on the outdoor terrace. Private rooms include a wine cabinet.

You can rate the interiors and exteriors of The Gritti Palace, the current prices and book a room on this page.

Aman canal grande venice

The small hotel Aman Canal Grande Venice is an option that is ideal for art lovers: the ceilings are decorated with paintings by Giovanni Battista Tiepolo, and the rooms were decorated by Michelangelo Guggenheim. In one of the rooms, a fireplace of the 16th century by the sculptor and Renaissance architect Jacopo Sansovino was preserved.

The Palazzo, which houses the hotel, was built in the 16th century according to the design of Jean Giacomo de Grigi for the Cochin family from Bergamo. Three centuries later, having repeatedly changed owners, the palace passed into the possession of the Papadopoli-Aldobrandini brothers.

It was on their initiative that Michelangelo Guggenheim decorated the interiors with exquisite carvings, turning the palace into one of the brightest examples of Renaissance and Rococo styles, and around the palace a garden was built on the site of two neighboring buildings that were demolished.

This hotel is a real find for art lovers.

Aman Canal Grande Venice is replete with historical frescoes and stucco moldings, antique chandeliers and fireplaces, ancient paintings and sculptures. You can enjoy the work of Giovanni Battista Tiepolo not only in the Red and Yellow banquet rooms, but also in one of the hotel rooms.

The hotel has a SPA center, a gym with panoramic city views, a Venetian glass boutique, and a historical library. The restaurant offers accommodation both indoors and on the terrace overlooking Canale Grande.

The location of the hotel is also good: from Aman Canal Grande Venice you can easily reach the Rialto Bridge, the Church of San Giacomo di Rialto and other famous attractions.

You can admire the ancient frescoes and take a “virtual” walk through the inner garden of Aman Canal Grande Venice here.


The luxurious palazzo, built in the 14th century for Doge Dandolo, has been visited by the most eminent persons for centuries, from ambassadors of foreign powers to princes and kings. Today in the building, which is an example of Venetian Gothic, the Danieli Hotel is located, which hosts at least eminent guests.

With a “royal scope”, the most elegant room at Doge's Royal suite is equipped. Decorative fireplace in the living room, marble finish in the bathroom, paintings and mirrors in gilded frames, as well as ceiling frescoes, which became the "pearl" of the hotel.

The dimensions of the hotel are impressive: in addition to the main building, Danieli occupies two more palaces - Palazzo Casa Nuova and Palazzo Danieli Excelsior - a total of 225 rooms are available for guests.

The most eminent guests have always stayed in a luxurious palazzo

In the warmer months, the legendary chef Gian Nicola Colucci treats guests to gourmet dishes on the rooftop of the Palazzo Danieli Excelsior, while in the Gothic hall of the main building you should stop by Bar Dandolo to sample Doge's signature cocktail based on vodka, martini, cranberry juice and strawberries.

By the way, Danieli’s interiors flashed in the sensational film “Tourist” with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp. You can view the details either in the movie or on this page. You can also book a room there.

Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel

The interiors of the Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel resemble the imperial palaces, with the only difference being that you yourself become the owner of this almost antique beauty for the duration of your vacation.

Huge antique mirrors above the beds, mosaic floors, carved furniture and lots of gold amaze the imagination. It has its own garden where you can relax from the crowds of tourists and have breakfast or just spend time in a quiet environment.

The interior of the hotel with carved furniture and plenty of gold resembles the imperial palace

The Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel restaurant deserves special praise: the à la carte breakfast, and the waiters are happy to respond to any whims, and for lunch and dinner chef Enrico Bartolini pampers guests with signature dishes and exclusive "compliments" that he invents literally in front of visitors.

Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel is a 10-minute walk from St. Mark's Square or Santa Lucia Train Station. A few steps from the palace there is also a vaporetto stop San Stae.

You can evaluate the luxurious interiors of the Palazzo Venart Luxury Hotel or book a room on this page.

See more 5 star Venice hotels to find the perfect accommodation for your trip here.

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