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The best beaches for families with children in Italy: TOP 5 according to Blogoitaliano

If you are planning a vacation with the whole family in one of the many resorts in Italy, you probably really want to make the right choice. After all, if adults can somehow "philosophically" react to an unsuccessful vacation, then disappointing their children for any parent is completely unacceptable. There are so many sea resorts in Italy that finding the best beaches for families with children on their own is not an easy task. We decided to help you with this and compiled our own rating of the best sea resorts in Italy, where you can arrange yourself and your kids an unforgettable vacation.


We will consciously give the primacy in our TOP-5 to the small Italian resort town of Lignano. It is located in the north-east of Italy, approximately halfway between Trieste and Venice, and geographically belongs to the Venetian Riviera. It is washed by the Morano Lagoon on one side and the Adriatic Sea on the other.

By many criteria, this place can be considered the best for a beach holiday with children in Italy. For many years, from year to year, Lignano invariably receives the highest award of the European Union for the cleanliness of beaches - the Blue Flag. But cleanliness is not the only advantage of the resort.

I must say right away that in Lignano there are areas - Sabbiadoro, Pineta, Riviera - and they are quite different. If you are planning a vacation with children in Italy, it is better to opt for Lignano Pineta, since Sabbiadoro is a rather heavily built-up and noisy area, and the Riviera is more suitable for golf lovers - there are plenty of golf courses.

Lignano Pineta is famous for its pine forest - the area is literally buried in greenery. A wonderful beach with golden sand stretches along the wide green strip of Parco del Mare. The combination of the purest water, an impeccable sandy beach, the emerald green of the park (strictly speaking, there are two parks - Morskoy and Hemingway, separated by the main street of the city) and distance from noisy "adult" discos - it's hard to come up with something better for families with children in Italy.

For a family holiday in Lignano, it is better to choose the Pineta area

Beaches are paid and free. Free - as many as four, and they are no worse than paid, equipped with everything you need for sea holidays and children's entertainment. For a change, you can choose the time and visit the Punta Verde Zoo, Gulliver Children's Amusement Park, Parrots and Butterfly Nurseries, and Hemingway Plant Park. The Aquasplash water park also works here.

As for accommodation, accommodation options in Lignano are everything you want - from hotels to private houses. But "historically" it turned out that tourists who decided to take a rest with their children on the sea in Italy in Lignano, as a rule, rent private apartments in low-rise buildings.

All the beaches of Lignano are under round-the-clock and most strictly controlled marine rescue services - this is a separate noticeable advantage of Lignano. Lignano Sabbiadoro also has a 24-hour first aid station.

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Another seaside resort, which without exaggeration can be considered perfect for families, and where there are the best beaches for families with children, is Cattolica. This place is located on the border of the Riviera-Romagnola in the region of Emilia-Romagna and the region of Marche. The locals themselves affectionately call Cattolica the “Queen of the Adriatic Sea”, and there is definitely something for that. Back in 2010, the two-kilometer-long Cattoliki sandy beach earned the Blue Flag for its clean water.

Cattolica beaches are great for relaxing with older kids and older children.

The large beach is divided into "beaches", each has its own serial number. All of them are well equipped for families. Everything is here - children's clubs, pools, a jacuzzi, open-air fitness halls, table tennis, billiards. You can rent boats and catamarans. A lot of restaurants work from dawn to dusk.

Actually, the beaches of Regina Beach (sections No. 9-10-11), Beach 96 (Via Santa Chiara) and Bagno Voulpen (No. 85) are considered to be family-friendly at the official level. Here, in addition to entertainment for parents, an excellent vacation with children in Italy is offered - animators work, babysitters, children's disco.

Be sure to go to the Aquarium - the kids will be delighted with this amazing underwater kingdom with real sharks.

Cattoliki Aquarium is able to surprise any child

In the park near the Shark Bay, daily from 21:00 to 22:30, animators from the museum organize exciting exciting children's parties, games and discos.

Each season, Mary Poppins Summer Center offers its own program - training courses and fun activities for children and adolescents under 18 years of age. Children of all ages will find something of interest and taste - learning the Italian language, tennis lessons, horseback riding and many other interesting and useful things for kids.

Your children will also be very welcome in the city center. On June 15, the Mercatino Playground at Piazza del Mercato begins to operate. Here you can play with the many toys provided, try delicious snacks and make new friends from different countries. And in the port of Nuova Darsena and on the Piazza della Rosa dei Venti, guests are waiting for the performances of circus artists.

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The main city of the Riviera di Ulisse and, in combination, an excellent seaside resort for families with children in Italy, is Terracina. The resort is famous for its excellent, clean and fully equipped beaches that stretch along the coastline for 15 km. In addition to high-quality recreation and entertainment, Terracina is also valuable for its unique air with a high iodine content - in this indicator Terracina is second only to Acapulco.

Terracina's iodine-rich air has a beneficial effect on overall health

Sandy beaches in these places are ideal even for the smallest - the water is clear, the sand is very gentle, and the entry into the sea is long and gentle.

Animators work for the kids on the beaches, large inflatable toys are provided, you can jump on a trampoline and have plenty of fun in any other way. For older children, fascinating excursions to the old city will be interesting. Various water activities can be enjoyed at the local Miami Beach Water Park.

Adults here, too, in no case will not be deprived of opportunities for an exciting vacation. On the beaches you can practice almost all possible water sports, including diving. And you can swim under water even after sunset, when marine life and underwater landscapes look most mysterious.

Along the entire bay on the waterfront, you will find a lot of restaurants and cafes where you can eat and feed the kids.

If you are planning a vacation with the children on the sea in Italy in Terracina, and you are leaving with a big family, it is advisable to choose a good option for accommodation in a cozy area of ​​cottages and villas, which is adjacent to the town itself.

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Another seaside resort in Italy, where both adults and children are definitely well rested, is Riccione. In addition to the excellent climate, clean sea and wonderful air, the whole family will find a lot of entertainment here, so no one will be bored.

First of all, the nature of the beaches should be noted. They are perfect for sea holidays with children in Italy - a gentle long entrance to the sea, the complete absence of stones and reefs. Most of the beaches are equipped with modern playgrounds and comfortable rooms for changing and changing clothes for children.

The beaches of Riccione are strewn with fine sand and are well equipped for families with children.

There are plenty of entertainments for children here - a dolphinarium, a water park, a cinema, an amusement park. There is even a whole Beach Club Beach Village with water rides, slides, a pool, carousels, trains, a trampoline. Here, kids can dance with the animators.

You can also rent bicycles with special chairs for babies and take a fascinating bike ride to the neighboring resorts - Rimini or Cattoliki. Resorts are connected by a separate bike path, which stretches along the entire coast.

Riccione, although a small town (30 thousand people), but it has large supermarkets where you can buy all the necessary baby supplies - diapers, milk, special baby food and more.

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Finally, Rimini is a very democratic and perhaps the most popular seaside resort, chosen by thousands and thousands of families from around the world every year for families with children in Italy.

In fairness, it is worth saying that, in respect to respectability and impeccability, Rimini loses slightly to the same Cattolica or, moreover, Lignano, but we cannot but mention him, since this is a real Mecca for a family vacation on the Adriatic.

Rimini has long been a true Mecca for family vacations in Italy

The coastal landscape here is very successful for bathing kids - the sea is shallow, and to get to the depths, you need to walk a few tens of meters. The bottom is safe, sandy, without stones and pebbles.

Mass, just a lot of entertainment for children for every taste. Two large amusement parks, the Oltremare Dolphinarium, the Aquafan water park, the Italy in Miniature amusement park, the Fiabilandia theme park and many other fun and interesting things - all this is Rimini. Guests of Italy of all ages will certainly be delighted.

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